Experience The World's Best Saffron For Yourself Today 
We still grow our saffron
the traditional & organic way
in the valleys of Herat, Afghanistan. The ideal climate and rich soil combined with centuries of local knowledge in cultivation, delivers the highest possible quality produce - now also
ranked #1 in the world.
Handpicked For Quality
We pick, sort and pack only the finest all-red stigmas

Sourcing directly from our farmers means we can guarantee the quality of our produce - safflower free, turmeric free, untampered, genuine Afghan saffron. Now this unique spice is available to our distinguished clientele who demand only the best, not the cheapest.

Here you’ll find ONLY the purest, highest-grade Afghan saffron –

Organically Grown, Delicately Picked By Hand & Carefully Sorted

 in the traditional Afghani methods, right in the valleys of Afghanistan.

Truly far superior in taste, color and fragrance to mass-produced Persian or Spanish saffron.

Redsaff Afghan Saffron
1 Gram Saffron
250 - 290 Color
Bargain Brands Saffron
2 Grams Saffron
80 - 220 Color
Redsaff Afghan Saffron
1 Gram Saffron
250 - 290 Color
Bargain Brands Saffron
2 Grams Saffron
80 - 220 Color
People are taking notice of the quality of Afghan saffron:
"Saffron is one of several crops where Afghanistan has a competitive advantage because of a long growing tradition and favorable growing conditions."
"Saffron has been promoted as an alternative to opium and a profitable crop for farmers...who can earn up to six times more money this way."
"...chefs can now stock their spice racks with organic, socially responsible saffron — that also happens to be superior to alternatives from Spain and Iran."
Superior Grade
Afghan Saffron
1.5 grams
(0.053 oz)
3 grams
(0.105 oz)
5 grams
(0.18 oz)
10 grams
(0.36 oz)
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